2016 Guide To The Perfect South Asian Jewellery Trends

Untitled-1The South Asian Fashion scene has changed from what it was. Traditional jewellery styles are becoming popular amongst woman from all age groups. Just as the 80s-90s clothing trends are back like the ghararas, Indian jewellery trends have also gone through a drastic change this year giving way to dramatic ornaments much-loved by our ancestors.

Follow the jewellery styles listed below to keep up to the fashion trends-

Haathphool – Hand Harness


Haathphool is an indian jewelery that embelishes the wrists as well as the fingers. Fondly known as ‘Hand Harness’, this jewellery style is making all the waves in the South Asian Fashion scene. Earlier reserved for the bride, with the ongoing trend, young girls are loving it. Remember to get your hands manicured before the occassion.12494777_1037363709635611_6350577740015030039_n

Kada- Handcuff


Handcuff is a jewellery that can add glam quotient to any outffit. Bangles are for the tradition lovers, now its all about statement cuff for the contemporary woman. The best thing about these is that if you are sporting a broad solid cuff, you do not really need any other jewellery. The cuff alone does the job.


Rani Haar – Statement Necklace


Make a gallant appearance with a Statement Necklace. Statement Necklaces are in the fashion scene since decades now and possess the ability to lift up simplest of the attires. Preferably adorned without earrings, these necklaces look best with a-not-so-flashy outfit.Untitled-2 (2)

Maangtikka & Mathapattis- Head Jewellery


The Maang Tikka  is an integral part of a South Asian Bride’s Trousseau. However, with young girls embracing this jewellery style, maang tikkas have become a favourite amongst women from around the globe. This age old bridal accessory in the form of mathapattis has won the heart of the woman of today and is adding a galm quotient to the ethnic look.

However adorn it only if you feel confident from within, or it can go terribly wrong.decorative-bright-floral-seamless-texture-background-flower-flowers-fabric-31446563

Bazuband- The Armlet


Another traditional bridal jewellery is the bazuband, that perfectly fits like a cuff or a bangle on the arm instead of the wrist. You can either wear it alone to achieve a minimilist look or adorn it with a necklace set to look grand for a family wedding.

If you have flabby arms, avoid wearing this as it may make your arm look fatter.


Kamarbandh & Kamar Satkas- Waistbelts & Keychains


South Asian Women definitely have the perfect curves. Flaunt these curves or rather accentuate them with this trendiest addition to the ethnic jewellery passage with ‘Kamarbandhs & Satkas’. Adorn it over a lehenga or a saree, you can even wear it high waisted to accentuate the thinnest part of the waist to achieve your favorite celebrity style.

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