The Sheer Trend: Hide-Flaunt

If you are from among those who like to keep it classy, yet relish a dash of sexiness, the sheer trend is definitely for you. Sheer attires are ethereal and you can accomplish the erotic look without exposing a great amount of skin.


Longer lengths and higher necklines add grace and modishness to this trend. Going out on a date, want to let the mystery build, this will do the work for you. All you need is to expose the right side of you.


 What do we mean by the right side is the most important thing. Embrace the components of your body that flatter you the most, for instance- if you think you have a great waist line or the perfect collar bone, let the sheer fabric focus on those parts only.

IMG_1687neon shirt style plain tunic

 Similarly, be sure to not try to flaunt the parts that aren’t too appealing and would not flatter the attire. A little courage is all you need.

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Beetroot- The magical vegetal

How we loved as kids to scare our parents with this blood colored vegetable. As grown ups, it is essential to know the resourcefulness of this plump shaped vegetal. It is one SuperFood that covers three main aspects of looking beautiful- slimmer figure, glowing skin and healthy hair.


It serves as a great source of iron to make your immune system stronger. A glass of beetroot juice also increases the level of oxygen during workout and increases stamina during exercise.


Beetroot also serves as a natural hair dye and a hair-nourishing ingredient. Mix regular henna powder with beetroot juice for an auburn tint in your hair and for a soft conditioned feel to it.


For glowing pinkish skin, blend beetroot juice with a readymade fruit mask or any facemask, and leave it on till the mask dries up completely. Use this mask regularly, 5-7 times a week, to get rid of the blemishes and dark spots completely and have a flawless radiant skin. Just using beetroot raw on the skin, feeds your skin with iron and vitamins directly, making it pink. Use it like natural pink rouge if you have wheatish to fair skin.


Lastly, beetroot and carrot juice has been proved to have all the benefits to improve your skin and hair with all the essential vitamins, minerals and iron. So, don’t try to beat the beetroot away from your diet!

Clashing Prints!

Prints have always been a favorite to cheer us up on the gloomiest days. Be it floral, abstract, ikat, geometric, block- all the mentioned prints have been in the forefront this year and we have witnessed a revival of a vivacious wave that is going to surround us with these prints till the end of this year and extend to next year, hopefully.


Florals – an all time darling- is the most sorts after print. Abstract and geometric, two counterparts- the former being slapdash and bohochic, the latter being neat and chic. The very ethnic Block and Ikat prints are distinct to India and are a part of the fashion trend this year, opening a portal for many other Indian prints to be showcased in the fashion dome.

Printed pink elastic with logo-001

Push the envelope a little further and clash the prints. What we mean is dare to wear a ‘Print-on-Print’: a printed tunic with printed bottom.

clash prints

Being cautious is the mantra here. Going overboard while taking a chance with this trend is very likely. We have highlighted the main factors to consider when trying this out-

  1. Pay attention to the color- don’t wear flashy colors together.
  2. The chemistry of the texture of the materials is very imperative.
  3. Alignment of the prints- horizontal, vertical, diagonal- has to blend smoothly or can even be edgy but not chaotic.

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DIY Chignon Sonam Style

Chignons are nothing but vintage chic buns that have a dash of eternal and ageless feel to it. Celebrities like the trailblazer Sonam Kapoor and very petite Taylor Swift love sporting this hairstyle at various events. It is a hit with both Indian as well as Western outfits.

fb chignon update

Follow few simple steps below to do it yourself-

1. Gather little hair from each side and tie a thin half ponytail with a transparent rubber band.


2. Back comb this ponytail for the packing to give a bouncy look.


3. Take the entire hair and tie a loose ponytail below the neck with a transparent rubber band again.


4. Pull the loose ponytail up, above and through the top half thin ponytail.


5. Lastly, coil and hoop it back inside the chignon bun and pin it with bobby pins to restrict it from falling off.


6. For it to stay longer, finish with hairspray.

Try this hairstyle to learn something new because dressing up is a woman’s birth right 😀

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DIY Salon-like Manicure At Home

Don’t have the time to go to a salon/spa for a manicure? But you are aware of how great an impression polished and well-manicured nails can make. We know the importance just right and here’s a 20 minute guide to how you can get well-manicured nails at home-


Step 1:

Stub away the old polish-

This is one of the most important steps. The previous polish needs to be cleaned completely. Wash your hands, scrub it with a nail brush or a tooth brush will also help and if you still see stubborn old nail polish stuck at the cuticles, dip the toothbrush in the nail polish remover and scrub it away.


Shape, Clip-

Select a shape and clip your nails- you can select a shape from an array of nail shapes like oval, square, round or almond and then clip your nails to a desired length.

If you have chipped one of your nails (we know how annoying it can get) make sure you trim all your nails to that length. The mantra is to have the same length nails.

Step 3:

File, Buff it away-

After trimming them to the right length, now is the time to file them to your favorite shape. Use a glass file to not harm your nails as metal can be too much for brittle nails.

After filing them, buff them away with a buffer. Go over the surface of the nails and even the edges to even them out.

Step 4:

Soak nails-

After filing and buffing, soak your nails in warm water (not hot water) and add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or shampoo/soap to clean them and to get rid of the dead skin.

If your nails are brittle or weak, skip this step.

Elegance woman hands on spa treatment.

Step 5:

Push back the cuticles-

Dry your nails and apply cuticle cream or normal cold cream would also work. Leave it on for a minutes and then push back your cuticles with the help of a cuticle pusher.

Note: Do not force the cuticles back.

Step 6:

Massage lotion-

If you have really dry hands then take a cold cream or any lotion and massage into your nails, cuticles and hands. Massage so much that its gets absorbed in your skin completely. Let it be on for few minutes.

Then wet a cotton or tissue and wipe off the lotion from the nails.

Step 7:

Fun part, select a polish-

If you have brittle nails, always make sure you apply a base transparent coat. Let it dry well and then apply your favorite color nail polish.

Start by one stroke down the center, and then on either sides. This works best for many but you can try your own approach.

Add a topcoat so that your polish lasts long and there are few scratches and less flaking.

And you have salon-like manicure without even taking the trouble to go to the salon!

Monsoon Skin Tips

Monsoon gets with it beautiful weather, but not so beautiful skin. As promised, we have got you skin care tips for protecting your skin in monsoon –

monsoon skin tip

  1. Oily skin-
  • Wash your face twice-thrice a day with lukewarm water to get rid of excess oil.
  • Don’t use oil-based or cream based cosmetics.
  • Scrub face on a regular basis to help unclog the pores.
  1. Dry skin-
  • Cream based cleanser is a must.
  • Toning using an alcohol free toner should follow cleansing.
  1. Combination skin-
  • Gentle moisturizing non-soap cleanser to strip away excess oil on the T-zone.
  • Moisturize and hydrate the dry areas on the skin.
  • Scrub your face at least twice a week to remove dust and blackheads.

Avoid heavy makeup and use waterproof make up when necessary

On Sunday don’t forget to read our blog on home remedies to curb hair and skin menaces.

Monsoon Hair Tips

Apart from the mushy-slushy monsoon streets, rains and the humidity in the air also causes hair menaces. We have few tips to help you get through the ‘Hair Woes’-

monsoon hair

• Refrain the use of hair products and styling, especially the ones for oily hair, to avoid greasy scalp.
• Keeping the hair dry is the mantra for less hairfall.
• Eat healthy- Protein and minerals are the most important: salmons, eggs, carrots, kidney beans, soya, whole wheat, oats, nuts, etc.
• Wash hair immediately after hair has got wet in the rains to avoid lice.
• Use of mild shampoo and conditioner is the key as often as possible to avoid making the scalp moist and dirty.

Come back tomorrow to read about tips to get through skin problems in Monsoons!

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