DIY: Everything Christmas

Christmas is one festival that is almost celebrated by everyone, in India and around the world, too. The positive vibes that it gets throughout the month of December, though celebrated on the 25th of this frosty month, no other festival does so with so much ease. It is effortless, and nothing extravagant, simple yet elegant, Christmas never fails to win the hearts of everyone with this very simplicity. From the beautiful traditional Christmas decorations such as the stockings, lights, wreaths and garlands, and the magnificent Christmas tree to indulging on special food delights like marzipan and the Christmas cake to ‘Joy to the world’… we mean humming the Christmas carols and lots more make an integral part of celebrating Christmas, apart from the most important midnight mass.

But why not celebrate this Christmas by indulging your family and yourself into creative DIY ideas and trying them out? Holidays have begun, make the most of it.


A unique DIY Christmas decoration that can be easily hung on the Christmas tree or even adjusted on the table top. All you would need is few white snowy pebbles, a glass bowl(a fishtank bowl would work), a stick covered with white and red ribbons (you can can get it readymade), a string, and most importantly a cute little snowman that would fit in the bowl.


Mailing Christmas greetings and gifts to your loved ones is the oldest tradition and an extremely sweet gesture. Why not give it an intimate touch this time by just adding a Christmas wreath or a Christmas holly in red and green. Traditional yet contemporary, just like Traditsiya, isn’t it? 😀


Another gorgeous DIY Christmas decoration that can be easily hung anywhere in the house. All you would need is a mid-size white ball (preferably light in weight), a glitter ribbon, a head pin, and many pine cones adorned with silver snowy sparkle. Humble yet graceful, just like Christmas, isn’t it?


How can we possibly neglect Christmas sweets? But we are aware of the hundreds of recipes that you might be already aware of or an expert chef would impart on his website or TV show. That’s why the only DIY tip for sweets is that decorate the sweets with the conventional red and green frosting- make a wreath or a holly or just an outline of a Christmas tree, and see the magic. You never know Santa might just get too tempted to taste one of them.


DIY Christmas nails is the best way to dress Christmas-like and feel it at the same time. It is easy and looks exquisite.


If not all, at least try a few of the DIYs, it will surely make your Christmas a high-spirited and exuberant occasion.

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Gloss out. Matte in!

Not all of us like to follow the rules. And the fashion trends since the past few years have just been against all the set rules. Now one more trend for the rebel inside the lady in you- Matte Nail Polish. It is quite literal as it sounds, matte finish, complete opposite to its shiny, glossy counterpart. This trend has emanated from the ramps, and unlike other ramp crazes, this one is surely doable.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.39.00 PM

So now what do you do with all those glossy nail paints that you purchased recently? Leave them to dry up? Of course not! But what you can surely do is instead of buying specific matte nail polish, turn your glossy ones into matte. How? Just follow the simplest steps:-

Step 1- Colour your nails with your favorite colour glossy nail polish.

step 1

Step 2- Take a tablespoon of cornstarch and just a few drops of clear top coat on wax paper.

step 2

Step 3- Mix and blend the cornstarch with the top coat till its extremely smooth. Do the mixing quickly.

step 3

Step 4- After it is smooth enough, instantly brush it on the already polished nails. It will be flawless and smooth, but just have that frosted look, the MATTE look, as it dries!

Step 4

You are ready to flaunt your matte finish up-to-the-minute nails!

DIY- Hair Bows

We, girls, love everything cute. And why not, it’s our birthright to do so, isn’t it? Hell yeah! And when it comes to cute little bows, we can’t resist but have more and more of them.

We are here to help you indulge yourself more into this cuteness by teaching you how to make these cute bows on your own!

Vintage-1980s-Pale-Pink-Hair-Bow-Clip copy

Step 1-

Take your favorite fabric or you can even take a piece of your mum’s old saree or dupatta, which would surely make an interesting bow. Cut the fabric in rectangle shape, you can have it in whatever size you want to, depending on how big or small you want your bow to be.


Step 2, 3, 4-

Fold inwards all the four sides of the fabric and be sure to have your pointer finger holding the center of the folding.


Step 5-

Crease the center of the rectangular folded fabric to make it look like a bow.


Step 6-

Now with the help of a cross-stitch thread (if you do not have a cross-stitch thread, you can always use a normal thread) and a needle, stitch the center where you have creased the fabric. Make sure to have several stitches to secure all the four sides.


Step 7-

Cut the same fabric or a contrast colour fabric in a thin rectangle shape and tri-fold it.


Step 8-

Now stitch the thin rectangle strip into a loop, tight enough to fit in the center of the bow.


Step 9-

Check if it fits perfectly, if it’s a little loose, then cut off the extra end.


Step 10-

When the loop is ready, slip it into the crease. If you are scared of it slipping out, stick it at the bottom.


Yayyy, the bow is ready. It can’t wait to get in your hair. You can always stick a rubber band or a tic-tac clip 😀

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DIY- Skin Clearing Face Mask

How often has your mum told you to throw away that acne cream and warned you of getting more pimples and acne, in return putrefying your skin even more. We have a natural alternative for you, and the icing on the cake is that, it will be free of cost. Yes, girlies, do your happy dance 😀

All you need to do is blend a mixture of the following ingredients –

powders 1

  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon dry coriander
  • 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder
  • 1 teaspoon Indian gooseberry (Karauda)
  • 5 teaspoons of powder of green gram lentil(Hare chane ki daal) mixed with curd and lemon.
  • Add few drops of water if required

Powder 2

Apply this concoction on your face and rub it gently in circular motions and let it dry. Wait for 10-15 mins and wash it off. This is a perfect all-rounder face pack consisting benefits of four different face masks- turmeric is the best antiseptic to keep your skin free from germs and bacterias, coriander will help you against pimples and the very stubborn balckheads, sandalwood helps skin glow from the inside and brightens and Indian gooseberry helps to firm and tone your skin, thus, helping you in the long run.

We are sure your mum is going to love you for this one.

DIY: Natural-looking Curls

You love curls, but your hair is not naturally curly? Tired of the curling irons doing consistent damage to your hair? We have a non-damage alternative to your problem. ‘Rag-rolling’ it is called! To get the look of naturally curled hair, not making it look artificial (I hate the look of artificial looking Barbie-like curls) this is all you will need- a fabric cut into rectangle shape, a comb and water, preferably a water spray bottle. Too little to ask for, isn’t it!


Step 1- Damp the bottom of your hair that you plan on rolling. Preferably, dampen it with the help of a spray bottle. With the help of a comb, section a small part of your hair and twist and roll that section into the rectangular fabric and tie the fabric strip.


Step 2- Section a part of your hair again, and keep repeating twisting and rolling, till the entire bottom is wrapped up. Don’t tie the fabric too hard to make you feel uncomfortable.


Step 3- After you have rolled up your entire bottom part of your hair, it is preferred that you sleep over it at night and open it the next day when you are heading out, for the perfect natural curls. Or you can just leave it for 3-4 hours and open it later.


Now you can have that raw natural curled look by just following these simple steps. Try it out!

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DIY Chignon Sonam Style

Chignons are nothing but vintage chic buns that have a dash of eternal and ageless feel to it. Celebrities like the trailblazer Sonam Kapoor and very petite Taylor Swift love sporting this hairstyle at various events. It is a hit with both Indian as well as Western outfits.

fb chignon update

Follow few simple steps below to do it yourself-

1. Gather little hair from each side and tie a thin half ponytail with a transparent rubber band.


2. Back comb this ponytail for the packing to give a bouncy look.


3. Take the entire hair and tie a loose ponytail below the neck with a transparent rubber band again.


4. Pull the loose ponytail up, above and through the top half thin ponytail.


5. Lastly, coil and hoop it back inside the chignon bun and pin it with bobby pins to restrict it from falling off.


6. For it to stay longer, finish with hairspray.

Try this hairstyle to learn something new because dressing up is a woman’s birth right 😀

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DIY Salon-like Manicure At Home

Don’t have the time to go to a salon/spa for a manicure? But you are aware of how great an impression polished and well-manicured nails can make. We know the importance just right and here’s a 20 minute guide to how you can get well-manicured nails at home-


Step 1:

Stub away the old polish-

This is one of the most important steps. The previous polish needs to be cleaned completely. Wash your hands, scrub it with a nail brush or a tooth brush will also help and if you still see stubborn old nail polish stuck at the cuticles, dip the toothbrush in the nail polish remover and scrub it away.


Shape, Clip-

Select a shape and clip your nails- you can select a shape from an array of nail shapes like oval, square, round or almond and then clip your nails to a desired length.

If you have chipped one of your nails (we know how annoying it can get) make sure you trim all your nails to that length. The mantra is to have the same length nails.

Step 3:

File, Buff it away-

After trimming them to the right length, now is the time to file them to your favorite shape. Use a glass file to not harm your nails as metal can be too much for brittle nails.

After filing them, buff them away with a buffer. Go over the surface of the nails and even the edges to even them out.

Step 4:

Soak nails-

After filing and buffing, soak your nails in warm water (not hot water) and add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or shampoo/soap to clean them and to get rid of the dead skin.

If your nails are brittle or weak, skip this step.

Elegance woman hands on spa treatment.

Step 5:

Push back the cuticles-

Dry your nails and apply cuticle cream or normal cold cream would also work. Leave it on for a minutes and then push back your cuticles with the help of a cuticle pusher.

Note: Do not force the cuticles back.

Step 6:

Massage lotion-

If you have really dry hands then take a cold cream or any lotion and massage into your nails, cuticles and hands. Massage so much that its gets absorbed in your skin completely. Let it be on for few minutes.

Then wet a cotton or tissue and wipe off the lotion from the nails.

Step 7:

Fun part, select a polish-

If you have brittle nails, always make sure you apply a base transparent coat. Let it dry well and then apply your favorite color nail polish.

Start by one stroke down the center, and then on either sides. This works best for many but you can try your own approach.

Add a topcoat so that your polish lasts long and there are few scratches and less flaking.

And you have salon-like manicure without even taking the trouble to go to the salon!