The Sheer Trend: Hide-Flaunt

If you are from among those who like to keep it classy, yet relish a dash of sexiness, the sheer trend is definitely for you. Sheer attires are ethereal and you can accomplish the erotic look without exposing a great amount of skin.


Longer lengths and higher necklines add grace and modishness to this trend. Going out on a date, want to let the mystery build, this will do the work for you. All you need is to expose the right side of you.


 What do we mean by the right side is the most important thing. Embrace the components of your body that flatter you the most, for instance- if you think you have a great waist line or the perfect collar bone, let the sheer fabric focus on those parts only.

IMG_1687neon shirt style plain tunic

 Similarly, be sure to not try to flaunt the parts that aren’t too appealing and would not flatter the attire. A little courage is all you need.

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