The joyous connotation of Diwali

It’s Diwali. Yayy!! The day to rejoice, celebrate and spread happiness. Diwali holds with it infinite meanings. The three most celebrated implications of the festival of lights includes the long awaited and magnificent return of Lord Rama to his Kingdom of Ayodhya after his fourteen year long banwas, exile,  in the forests. The second meaning comes from Lord Krishna’s admired victory over the demon Narakaasura who had abducted and terrified the gopis of Vrindavan. The third one is the much-celebrated marriage of Bhagwan Vishnu with Maha Laxmi with unmatched elation and festivity.


At the core of it, Diwali literally means ‘Row of Lights’. Need we say anything more? As mentioned above, all the three main reasons for celebrating Diwali reinstates the triumph of good over evil, of virtue of deceit, and above all, of bright lights over darkness. Lets spread this joy, instead of just dressing up for Diwali and celebrating with family, relatives and friends, take a step ahead. Spend sometime with the children in an orphanage, or maybe with some elders in an old age home. The bliss, the exultation that this act will bless you with, no dinner or get together can make you feel that way.

Diwali Cover Photo new

Just an earnest and genuine message from Traditsiya on this occasion of Diwali J

Photo Courtesy- Shreya Dewan