DIY: Natural-looking Curls

You love curls, but your hair is not naturally curly? Tired of the curling irons doing consistent damage to your hair? We have a non-damage alternative to your problem. ‘Rag-rolling’ it is called! To get the look of naturally curled hair, not making it look artificial (I hate the look of artificial looking Barbie-like curls) this is all you will need- a fabric cut into rectangle shape, a comb and water, preferably a water spray bottle. Too little to ask for, isn’t it!


Step 1- Damp the bottom of your hair that you plan on rolling. Preferably, dampen it with the help of a spray bottle. With the help of a comb, section a small part of your hair and twist and roll that section into the rectangular fabric and tie the fabric strip.


Step 2- Section a part of your hair again, and keep repeating twisting and rolling, till the entire bottom is wrapped up. Don’t tie the fabric too hard to make you feel uncomfortable.


Step 3- After you have rolled up your entire bottom part of your hair, it is preferred that you sleep over it at night and open it the next day when you are heading out, for the perfect natural curls. Or you can just leave it for 3-4 hours and open it later.


Now you can have that raw natural curled look by just following these simple steps. Try it out!

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