Royal Peacock inspired jewellery

Jewellery of India is an eloquent expression of the country’s aesthetic and cultural history. Peacocks are beautiful combination of multi coloured feathers and it is considered as bird of bliss among many  world cultures .Peacock jewellery is evidently inspired by peacock as its multiple shades and design open the door for new dimensions in ornamental inventiveness. With its beautiful plumage and curvaceous body, the peacock has become an inspiration in the new Diwali collection by Traditsiya.


Due to its multiple shades and a unique colour combination it has been used in the jewellery for a long time now. The Peacock jewellery has royal feeling to it and the design was very popular in amongst the royalties of India. So generally the Peacock jewellery sets were counted as heavy jewellery suitable for occasions with traditional Indian dressing.


A peacock inspired palette is one of the most vibrant themes happening in wedding trends as well as festive occasions. The glowing eyes and the perfect blend of vivid colours of a peacock have beendesigned on the jewellery while playing beautifully with the colours and shape so as to bring out the marvel and appealing charisma of this natural beauty on the meticulously crafted jewellery.


Traditsiya’s jewellery offers a tantalizing blend of modern and traditional jewellery. The impeccable shape of the peacock has been wonderfully captured and carved in the new Diwali collection’s jewellery designs.

Adorn yourself with this compelling jewellery which would suit all kinds of traditional outfits giving it a contemporary twist.


DIY: Everything Christmas

Christmas is one festival that is almost celebrated by everyone, in India and around the world, too. The positive vibes that it gets throughout the month of December, though celebrated on the 25th of this frosty month, no other festival does so with so much ease. It is effortless, and nothing extravagant, simple yet elegant, Christmas never fails to win the hearts of everyone with this very simplicity. From the beautiful traditional Christmas decorations such as the stockings, lights, wreaths and garlands, and the magnificent Christmas tree to indulging on special food delights like marzipan and the Christmas cake to ‘Joy to the world’… we mean humming the Christmas carols and lots more make an integral part of celebrating Christmas, apart from the most important midnight mass.

But why not celebrate this Christmas by indulging your family and yourself into creative DIY ideas and trying them out? Holidays have begun, make the most of it.


A unique DIY Christmas decoration that can be easily hung on the Christmas tree or even adjusted on the table top. All you would need is few white snowy pebbles, a glass bowl(a fishtank bowl would work), a stick covered with white and red ribbons (you can can get it readymade), a string, and most importantly a cute little snowman that would fit in the bowl.


Mailing Christmas greetings and gifts to your loved ones is the oldest tradition and an extremely sweet gesture. Why not give it an intimate touch this time by just adding a Christmas wreath or a Christmas holly in red and green. Traditional yet contemporary, just like Traditsiya, isn’t it? 😀


Another gorgeous DIY Christmas decoration that can be easily hung anywhere in the house. All you would need is a mid-size white ball (preferably light in weight), a glitter ribbon, a head pin, and many pine cones adorned with silver snowy sparkle. Humble yet graceful, just like Christmas, isn’t it?


How can we possibly neglect Christmas sweets? But we are aware of the hundreds of recipes that you might be already aware of or an expert chef would impart on his website or TV show. That’s why the only DIY tip for sweets is that decorate the sweets with the conventional red and green frosting- make a wreath or a holly or just an outline of a Christmas tree, and see the magic. You never know Santa might just get too tempted to taste one of them.


DIY Christmas nails is the best way to dress Christmas-like and feel it at the same time. It is easy and looks exquisite.


If not all, at least try a few of the DIYs, it will surely make your Christmas a high-spirited and exuberant occasion.

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Last but not the least, Traditsiya’s Christmas special earring collection will be live soon. Stay glued to our FB page-