Gloss out. Matte in!

Not all of us like to follow the rules. And the fashion trends since the past few years have just been against all the set rules. Now one more trend for the rebel inside the lady in you- Matte Nail Polish. It is quite literal as it sounds, matte finish, complete opposite to its shiny, glossy counterpart. This trend has emanated from the ramps, and unlike other ramp crazes, this one is surely doable.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.39.00 PM

So now what do you do with all those glossy nail paints that you purchased recently? Leave them to dry up? Of course not! But what you can surely do is instead of buying specific matte nail polish, turn your glossy ones into matte. How? Just follow the simplest steps:-

Step 1- Colour your nails with your favorite colour glossy nail polish.

step 1

Step 2- Take a tablespoon of cornstarch and just a few drops of clear top coat on wax paper.

step 2

Step 3- Mix and blend the cornstarch with the top coat till its extremely smooth. Do the mixing quickly.

step 3

Step 4- After it is smooth enough, instantly brush it on the already polished nails. It will be flawless and smooth, but just have that frosted look, the MATTE look, as it dries!

Step 4

You are ready to flaunt your matte finish up-to-the-minute nails!