Warli – The Beautiful Folk Art

‘Traditsiya: The Contemporary Tradition’ – the name of this passionate brand has been inspired by the diverse and plush tradition of India. We admire each and every aspect of this rich heritage and one of the great arts that caught our attention is ‘Warli’. Warli art dates its history back in the seventies as paintings that were decorated and painted on the walls of homes. This art is not like any other folk art that illustrates deities or mythological stories that was distinct to the tribal communities. But this was a more realistic and contemporary art back then and even now, that expressed the tribal lives in flamboyant styles.


The Warlis tribe, an indigineous group of people closely knit together, executed this rich folklore on the walls of their houses, since they were not conversant with the written lexicon. This was their way to express themselves reflecting the close implication between human society and nature. The raw rhythmic pattern of the paintings has been praised over the years and has been applied to different fields and areas. The fashion world, not only in India, but also many international labels has incorporated the ‘Warli’ print in their collection. This clearly states that this art has been appreciated from people across the globe.


When we saw the rust orange Warli digital print on georgette, we couldn’t resist the urge but to present our Fashion Goddesses i.e. you with this distinct folklore art, a tradition that can be worn with pride. To shop for the entire collection, visit http://www.mirraw.com/designers/traditsiya.

SassyGlam – Fall Collection ’13

SassyGlam logo

‘SassyGlam’ is the new collection created and designed by Traditsiya as a part of the Fall Collection ’13 that emphasizes on quirky prints escorted with striking embroideries. Every attire of the SassyGlam collection is crafted with utmost detailing to the fine quality of the fabric first, then the electrifying print (mainly bold in nature), and the graceful silk embroidery along with other nitty-gritty. With the finest tailoring consisting of superlative finish, sharp cuts and an unmatched finesse, each apparel portrays itself as a sumptuous piece to own.

Collage new collectionps

The divas within the everyday woman, the actual fashion goddesses for Traditsiya, have been highly fascinated by prints consisting of the ubiquitous floral, the raw abstract, the distinct tribal, the bold quirky, and the retro monochrome. The stated prints are all a coherent part of the SassyGlam collection and Traditsiya has been highly indulged in the treat, and obliged to get the contemporary women a quash for their craving for more prints. Concentrating on casual and semi-formal wear, it comprises of predominantly shirt style tunics, everyday wear kurtis, and occasional wear anarkalis.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 12.07.55 PM

Anarkalis and Salwar Suits will be launched very soon.

Check out the entire collection of Tunics and Kurtis on our FB page- https://www.facebook.com/Traditsiya. To Shop- http://bit.ly/15AM5WZ

A feedback is always welcome. Don’t forget to write to us at traditsiyaonline@gmail.com ❤

The hanging grandeur – Tassels

Tassels have their way back in history, from Mughals adorning an array of tassels supplemented with their jewellery and even home décor to the Maharashtrian Nomads using it to woo away the evil eye. Earlier, these were to assert supremacy and royalty, and distinguish individuals on the basis of wealth and power. Tassels or ‘latkan’ are no more a status symbol. Instead they have become a mainstream decorative accessory for various specifications like home décor, footwear, men and women clothing and so on. Of course the designs and the tackles used are substantially distinctive.


The way the tassel clings and prettifies an ensemble is what we are talking about exactly. So which are the ensembles that are adored with this amazing hanging grandeur? The four ends of the dupattas, the end of the back string of a blouse, a kameez/anarkali, or the two ends of a saree pallu. They are made of beads, sequins, and fringes. But with the innovation, ‘latkan’ or a tassle can be in any shape or size.

High Res Selected Final1

Traditsiya, too, has used this splendid piece of accessory in many of the anarkalis. The two layered anarkali adorned with heavy zardosi embroidery created with Italian net saw the tassels made out of beads covered with cloth of the same colour as the anarkali. Another shaded Italian net bedecked with very opulent diamond cut work, a new form of embroidery wherein the patches that are without embroidery are cut off from between the entire patch, is embellished with the tassels on the end of the dupatta. Crafted with gold beads coupled with bottle green beads to go with the entire attire.

High Res Selected Final2

High Res Selected Final3

 The new collection of Traditsiya will also see a lot of use of tassels/latkans used and fashioned in various forms. Stay glued to witness the entire collection very soon.

Hand Embroidery for Every Soul!

Ever wanted to decorate your attire with that embroidery you saw in the wedding you attended? We have all had these urges to own the outfit with the heaviest or the subtlest embroidery that we adorned for a while. That admired embroidery is not quite far away now.

hand embroidery update

Traditsiya gets you a new feature of ‘Custom Embroidery’ and ‘Custom Stitching’. We all want to be exclusive in our own way and we give you a chance to do that. If you have a fabric you would like us to bedeck the embroidery of your choice from the palette of embroideries that we offer you with, we would be glad to do so. You can also just select the type of embroidery and we will take care of the fabric, with your consent, of course. We will be presenting you with an array of embroideries to choose from including-

  1. the eloquent Resham Thread work,
  2. the royal Zardosi and Zari work,
  3. the subtle Crochet designs,
  4. the cultured Mirror work,
  5. the urbane Kashmiri design,
  6. the ostentatious Moti and Sequins work,
  7. the very chic Ribbon work and many more.
hand embroideries

Resham thread embroidery work

Give us a squat description of what you want and we will surprise you with the best. Once you select the type of embroidery we will be presenting you with an array of designs to choose from or you can trust us and let us startle you with something extraordinary. Once the embroidery is completed, we would be glad to design the entire attire for you, as of now we are open for stitching orders for Salwar suits, Anarkalis, Pakistani suits, Kurtis, Tunics and Sarees (along with the blouse). Be it a small patch work or heavy embroidery, we are open for all kinds of custom embroideries at affordable rates. Tell us your budget and we will make sure to fit it in that.

You can always mail us your queries and orders- traditsiyaonline@gmail.com or call us- 09769187484. We are based in Mumbai and are open to orders from across the globe.

For the love of – Anarkalis!

Elegance. Grace. Opulent. Three words to describe the timeless style of this Indian attire called – ‘Anarkalis’. With the accentuating tight bust line complemented with the graceful ‘ghera’ under the bust line along the length of the kameez, this style is traditional at the same time contemporary.

lime green fb update

Anarkali style suits have gained immense popularity in the past few years and have been in fashion ever since. There is no way to go wrong with this one – be it a wedding, a sangeet or just a formal dinner- an exquisite anarkali suit can make you look your absolute best.

Sherwani style anarkali

Traditsiya has created a collection of Royal Anarkali Suits called – ‘Turua’. The ‘ghera’ of most of the anarkalis is nine meters to make every girl wearing it feel like an Indian princess. You can choose from a variety of anarkalis created with different fabrics to suit every body type, for example, Italian net is perfect for a curvaceous figure and cotton silk for a leaner body type.

Indian ethnic wear

The main advantage of buying from us is that it can be altered to your size to fit you perfectly. To shop online- http://bit.ly/18Mi1rQ . All the pieces are available at our Dadar outlet. For more details, contact us on 09769187484.

The Sheer Trend: Hide-Flaunt

If you are from among those who like to keep it classy, yet relish a dash of sexiness, the sheer trend is definitely for you. Sheer attires are ethereal and you can accomplish the erotic look without exposing a great amount of skin.


Longer lengths and higher necklines add grace and modishness to this trend. Going out on a date, want to let the mystery build, this will do the work for you. All you need is to expose the right side of you.


 What do we mean by the right side is the most important thing. Embrace the components of your body that flatter you the most, for instance- if you think you have a great waist line or the perfect collar bone, let the sheer fabric focus on those parts only.

IMG_1687neon shirt style plain tunic

 Similarly, be sure to not try to flaunt the parts that aren’t too appealing and would not flatter the attire. A little courage is all you need.

You can buy this sensuous sheer tunic by mailing us at traditsiyaonline@gmail.com.

Clashing Prints!

Prints have always been a favorite to cheer us up on the gloomiest days. Be it floral, abstract, ikat, geometric, block- all the mentioned prints have been in the forefront this year and we have witnessed a revival of a vivacious wave that is going to surround us with these prints till the end of this year and extend to next year, hopefully.


Florals – an all time darling- is the most sorts after print. Abstract and geometric, two counterparts- the former being slapdash and bohochic, the latter being neat and chic. The very ethnic Block and Ikat prints are distinct to India and are a part of the fashion trend this year, opening a portal for many other Indian prints to be showcased in the fashion dome.

Printed pink elastic with logo-001

Push the envelope a little further and clash the prints. What we mean is dare to wear a ‘Print-on-Print’: a printed tunic with printed bottom.

clash prints

Being cautious is the mantra here. Going overboard while taking a chance with this trend is very likely. We have highlighted the main factors to consider when trying this out-

  1. Pay attention to the color- don’t wear flashy colors together.
  2. The chemistry of the texture of the materials is very imperative.
  3. Alignment of the prints- horizontal, vertical, diagonal- has to blend smoothly or can even be edgy but not chaotic.

To shop for the trendy printed kurtis/tunics, mail us at traditsiyaonline@gmail.com 🙂

Bringing back ‘Hand-embroidery’

Hand embroidered Kurtis are our trademark. We, at Traditsiya, believe that even with the advent of machine embroideries, the allure of hand embroidery is superior to that of its machine counterparts.

hand embroidery

The elegance of the rich and eloquent Resham Thread embroideries, the subtle Gotha work, the very indigenous Mirror work, the elaborate Zardosi work and the very pretty Crochet designs are a few that are distinct to our collection of hand embroidered apparels. For those of you who have an eye and respect for handwork, we have it all for you.

side karchok edited

Nevertheless, we are not against the advancement in technology in the design industry and hence, showcase an assortment of machine and digital work blending smoothly with the handwork.