‘Celebrate Women. Celebrate Womankind.’ Women’s Day Special!

As the month of March approaches, the hype about womankind’s improvement increases. But is one day, the 8th of March, enough to applaud the women around the world. Women have at every point and every turn had to prove their existence to the male chauvinistic world. And by every passing day the world began to slowly realise that women had a lot more to offer to this world than just three meals a day, mopping and laundry.


Rising from the blocked voices were sounds of few women who voiced out the shrieks and sobs of millions. And slowly those whispers became audible to the entire world and women began to bloom. They got out of their houses, tried to chase their dreams despite the cynical remarks of the world and began to live for the first time.


And today, the world has witnessed how women are excellent in multi-tasking and are perfectionists. We are living in a world where women have carved a niche in every field of occupation and every stream of education. Women are great artists, leaders and entrepreneurs yet make great homemakers.

Women-Empowerment (2)

To strike closer to home, Traditsiya in itself holds women who have stood up on their own and made a meaningful journey. Traditsiya was incepted and is carried on successfully by two women, a mother and daughter duo. And the company has opened the scope for many women workers as well. Started by women and run by women, for women, Traditsiya is a perfect example for this generation company.

Women's day creative

The women we hire are exceptionally skilled in hand embroidery. They use karchok, an embroidery machine that was used in ancient India. They are the makers of the stunning mirror work, crochet work, zardosi work, etc. These women are multi-talented and highly skilled, dedicated workers.

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At Traditsiya, we have apparels and accessories for women. We have a variety of styles and designs to suit every woman who are unique in their own. Every woman has the right to look classy and fabulous in her own shoes, in her own comfort level.

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This woman’s day, the 365th woman’s day, Traditsiya has a lot to offer. We are giving an incredulous 15% off on any purchased item. The coupon code to avail this exciting offer is 2DE20457. This offer is conveniently valid till the 31st of March. After all, why celebrate womankind for only one day?

‘The Pleats & Beads Collection’ by Traditsiya ’14

No matter where you live, where you work or where you travel, you can never compromise with your looks. Today, style has become more than just a statement. It has become an expression; a way to define oneself, a way to highlight and enhance ones attributes.PPT Pleats & Beads banner

It is very important that dresses go beyond merely fashionable. You need to dress up in a manner that has a certain attitude. Styles that bring out the preferable feminine side yet bring out the bold you. Like the fashionable pleated tops that are chic and charming. And what better way to style yourself than garments that are modern-day interpretation of tradition.

Kurtis collage

It’s common for the womankind to find nothing to wear in a wardrobe full of clothes. Why not make good use of this silly yet preferable quality to give yourself a wardrobe renewal with our exciting clothing concept of pleats and beads.Kaftan PPT Collage

Pleats are smarter than ever this year to flaunt the chic look. Flaunt the soft feminine bellows of pleats that take away all severity, and give you a smart, youthful look. There is no wonder that pleats are fundamental and evergreen and never go out of style.

Anrakali PPT Collage

The kurtis, kaftans and anarkalis of Traditsiya are intriguingly new and becoming. A wide range of vibrant colours and fabrics are smartly tailored into simple, sensible and stylish garments. And to add to their beauty, the garments are adorned by immensely creative and imaginative designs.

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Beautified with embroidery, stones and stunning beads the dresses are deftly draped into stylish and charming attires. Colourful beads, sparkling stones and radiant crystals are skillfully utilized to enhance the pleated dress. The decorations are of the perfect proportion and are at no point overdone.

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Choose from our vast and varied range of dresses that are sure to suit every occasion, both formal and casual, and every personality. Flaunt a kaftan to work or dazzle in an anarkali at a party. You will no doubt be the most poised and stylish woman. You will be the most exciting woman dressed in pleats and flare, with all your élan. No matter what dress you choose from our collection, you can always be confident that the styles of the garments offered by Traditsiya are new, smart and authentic; the workmanship splendid; the materials and decorations of dependable quality.

Like Traditsiya’s FB page here- http://www.facebook.com/Traditsiya- for latest updates, and to shop- http://www.mirraw.com/designers/traditsiya. If you want to inquire about a certain attire you can always mail us at traditsiyaonline@gmail.com.

Beautifying Bridal Beauty with Grandiose Bridal Sets

Believe it or not, but to women, their wedding day is the biggest day of their lives. The bride feels, what can only be termed as, sheer unadulterated joy. They go beyond their limits to make it a perfect day, overcoming the roller coaster of events and emotions. Trying to look their best ever, the brides drape themselves in expensive yet exquisite attires and don their best hairstyle and make up. But no bridal makeup is complete without her jewels.


Dazzled and inspirited by the varied heritage and tradition of our country, Traditsiya proudly presents its appealing range of bridal sets. We aim at magnifying the bride’s beauty and adding flamboyance to her attire. With a varied range of bridal sets, brides-to-be can find accessories which suit them and that which exemplifies her élan. To look their best, is not an option for the brides. And at Traditsiya, we never compromise with our clientele’s needs.

bridal set red

Our exquisite range of eight to eleven piece bridal kundan sets caters to the contemporary fashion needs while still retaining its heritage. Its remarkable design and elegance makes it simply irresistible. It comes in various combinations of colors ranging from blue and pink to red and silver, to green and purple. Our bridal sets complete the wedding look by coordinating with the bridal dress perfectly.


The eight piece combo is a highly sought-after blend of choker, necklace, long pendant, long pendant chain necklace, and heavy earrings, two bracelets attached with rings, maang tika and bridal nathni. And the only thing better than this is the eleven piece combo that houses an addition of baju band and two payals(anklets).

bridal set blue

Designed and crafted exclusively to amplify the bride’s beauty, the bridal sets in Traditsiya shimmer with colourful and sparkling diamante stones and beads. We transform tradition to design that suits the wedding sensibility. Our bridal sets are traditional yet timeless. We lay emphasis on the minutest details meticulously. With our bridal sets, we offer brides panache and elegance, along with authenticity.


We are dedicated to continuing to deliver to our brides-to-be with jewelry that goes beyond being merely spectacular. At Traditsiya, you will find uncompromisingly beautiful bridal sets, with varied, unique and desirable choices and blends. Our bridal sets, no matter which one, adds an extra flair of style and sophistication giving the bride the look she aspires. To shop for these exquisite bridal sets, click here- http://www.mirraw.com/traditsiya.

5 ways to actually keep your New Year’s resolutions!

New year.
New beginnings.
Starting afresh.

We all dream of this at the end of every December.

“Oh, next year I am going to follow all the resolutions that I couldn’t keep up with this year!” we would exclaim.

This 2014, why not actually keep them?


Traditsiya brings to you 5 different ways to actually keep your New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Bring the Resolution in small chunks

Don’t make a short list of huge goals. Make a list with many smaller goals or break down huge goals into smaller goals. If you need to put down 20 resolutions, go for it!
The smaller your goals are, the faster it is for you to accomplish them. One goal accomplished and it will serve as motivation enough for your next chunk of the goal!

2. Print or write out copies of your resolutions.

Save a copy on each computer or electronic device you own, such as your smart phone, iPad, Note, Laptop.
Make a smaller copy and keep it in your wallet.
Keep a copy of it and stick it to your work desk.
Post a copy on the outside of your refrigerator.

3. Find a mentor or a Resolution – partner

Set up dates for evaluation with a mentor. This helps you to stay focused and evaluates methods for improvement. Having a group, partner, friend, or professional to encourage you can be a great way to keep you going. Try finding a friend who has a similar resolution, and check in with each other every week to talk about your progress and challenges.

4. Talk about it

Most people like to keep quiet about their goals, in case they fail. Well, we don’t want to fail at them, do we? Talk about it to people around you. They will act as reminders to keep up with the goals. Share your experiences with family and friends. Consider joining a support group to reach your goals, such as a workout class at your gym or a group of coworkers quitting smoking. Having someone to share your struggles and successes with makes your journey much easier, more fun and less intimidating.

5. Reward yourself!

When making your plan, a vital feature should be the rewards and treats you will give yourself at those all-important milestones. But be warned, don’t fall into the trap of putting your goal in danger – it’s too easy for a dieter to say “I’ve been so good, I deserve a few candy bars”, or a saver to throw caution to the wind with a new purchase. One slip, and it could all be over.New year.

DIY: Everything Christmas

Christmas is one festival that is almost celebrated by everyone, in India and around the world, too. The positive vibes that it gets throughout the month of December, though celebrated on the 25th of this frosty month, no other festival does so with so much ease. It is effortless, and nothing extravagant, simple yet elegant, Christmas never fails to win the hearts of everyone with this very simplicity. From the beautiful traditional Christmas decorations such as the stockings, lights, wreaths and garlands, and the magnificent Christmas tree to indulging on special food delights like marzipan and the Christmas cake to ‘Joy to the world’… we mean humming the Christmas carols and lots more make an integral part of celebrating Christmas, apart from the most important midnight mass.

But why not celebrate this Christmas by indulging your family and yourself into creative DIY ideas and trying them out? Holidays have begun, make the most of it.


A unique DIY Christmas decoration that can be easily hung on the Christmas tree or even adjusted on the table top. All you would need is few white snowy pebbles, a glass bowl(a fishtank bowl would work), a stick covered with white and red ribbons (you can can get it readymade), a string, and most importantly a cute little snowman that would fit in the bowl.


Mailing Christmas greetings and gifts to your loved ones is the oldest tradition and an extremely sweet gesture. Why not give it an intimate touch this time by just adding a Christmas wreath or a Christmas holly in red and green. Traditional yet contemporary, just like Traditsiya, isn’t it? :D


Another gorgeous DIY Christmas decoration that can be easily hung anywhere in the house. All you would need is a mid-size white ball (preferably light in weight), a glitter ribbon, a head pin, and many pine cones adorned with silver snowy sparkle. Humble yet graceful, just like Christmas, isn’t it?


How can we possibly neglect Christmas sweets? But we are aware of the hundreds of recipes that you might be already aware of or an expert chef would impart on his website or TV show. That’s why the only DIY tip for sweets is that decorate the sweets with the conventional red and green frosting- make a wreath or a holly or just an outline of a Christmas tree, and see the magic. You never know Santa might just get too tempted to taste one of them.


DIY Christmas nails is the best way to dress Christmas-like and feel it at the same time. It is easy and looks exquisite.


If not all, at least try a few of the DIYs, it will surely make your Christmas a high-spirited and exuberant occasion.

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Last but not the least, Traditsiya’s Christmas special earring collection will be live soon. Stay glued to our FB page- www.facbook.com/Traditsiya.


The joyous connotation of Diwali

It’s Diwali. Yayy!! The day to rejoice, celebrate and spread happiness. Diwali holds with it infinite meanings. The three most celebrated implications of the festival of lights includes the long awaited and magnificent return of Lord Rama to his Kingdom of Ayodhya after his fourteen year long banwas, exile,  in the forests. The second meaning comes from Lord Krishna’s admired victory over the demon Narakaasura who had abducted and terrified the gopis of Vrindavan. The third one is the much-celebrated marriage of Bhagwan Vishnu with Maha Laxmi with unmatched elation and festivity.


At the core of it, Diwali literally means ‘Row of Lights’. Need we say anything more? As mentioned above, all the three main reasons for celebrating Diwali reinstates the triumph of good over evil, of virtue of deceit, and above all, of bright lights over darkness. Lets spread this joy, instead of just dressing up for Diwali and celebrating with family, relatives and friends, take a step ahead. Spend sometime with the children in an orphanage, or maybe with some elders in an old age home. The bliss, the exultation that this act will bless you with, no dinner or get together can make you feel that way.

Diwali Cover Photo new

Just an earnest and genuine message from Traditsiya on this occasion of Diwali J

Photo Courtesy- Shreya Dewan

Warli – The Beautiful Folk Art

‘Traditsiya: The Contemporary Tradition’ – the name of this passionate brand has been inspired by the diverse and plush tradition of India. We admire each and every aspect of this rich heritage and one of the great arts that caught our attention is ‘Warli’. Warli art dates its history back in the seventies as paintings that were decorated and painted on the walls of homes. This art is not like any other folk art that illustrates deities or mythological stories that was distinct to the tribal communities. But this was a more realistic and contemporary art back then and even now, that expressed the tribal lives in flamboyant styles.


The Warlis tribe, an indigineous group of people closely knit together, executed this rich folklore on the walls of their houses, since they were not conversant with the written lexicon. This was their way to express themselves reflecting the close implication between human society and nature. The raw rhythmic pattern of the paintings has been praised over the years and has been applied to different fields and areas. The fashion world, not only in India, but also many international labels has incorporated the ‘Warli’ print in their collection. This clearly states that this art has been appreciated from people across the globe.


When we saw the rust orange Warli digital print on georgette, we couldn’t resist the urge but to present our Fashion Goddesses i.e. you with this distinct folklore art, a tradition that can be worn with pride. To shop for the entire collection, visit http://www.mirraw.com/designers/traditsiya.

SassyGlam – Fall Collection ’13

SassyGlam logo

‘SassyGlam’ is the new collection created and designed by Traditsiya as a part of the Fall Collection ’13 that emphasizes on quirky prints escorted with striking embroideries. Every attire of the SassyGlam collection is crafted with utmost detailing to the fine quality of the fabric first, then the electrifying print (mainly bold in nature), and the graceful silk embroidery along with other nitty-gritty. With the finest tailoring consisting of superlative finish, sharp cuts and an unmatched finesse, each apparel portrays itself as a sumptuous piece to own.

Collage new collectionps

The divas within the everyday woman, the actual fashion goddesses for Traditsiya, have been highly fascinated by prints consisting of the ubiquitous floral, the raw abstract, the distinct tribal, the bold quirky, and the retro monochrome. The stated prints are all a coherent part of the SassyGlam collection and Traditsiya has been highly indulged in the treat, and obliged to get the contemporary women a quash for their craving for more prints. Concentrating on casual and semi-formal wear, it comprises of predominantly shirt style tunics, everyday wear kurtis, and occasional wear anarkalis.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 12.07.55 PM

Anarkalis and Salwar Suits will be launched very soon.

Check out the entire collection of Tunics and Kurtis on our FB page- https://www.facebook.com/Traditsiya. To Shop- http://bit.ly/15AM5WZ

A feedback is always welcome. Don’t forget to write to us at traditsiyaonline@gmail.com <3

Gloss out. Matte in!

Not all of us like to follow the rules. And the fashion trends since the past few years have just been against all the set rules. Now one more trend for the rebel inside the lady in you- Matte Nail Polish. It is quite literal as it sounds, matte finish, complete opposite to its shiny, glossy counterpart. This trend has emanated from the ramps, and unlike other ramp crazes, this one is surely doable.

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.39.00 PM

So now what do you do with all those glossy nail paints that you purchased recently? Leave them to dry up? Of course not! But what you can surely do is instead of buying specific matte nail polish, turn your glossy ones into matte. How? Just follow the simplest steps:-

Step 1- Colour your nails with your favorite colour glossy nail polish.

step 1

Step 2- Take a tablespoon of cornstarch and just a few drops of clear top coat on wax paper.

step 2

Step 3- Mix and blend the cornstarch with the top coat till its extremely smooth. Do the mixing quickly.

step 3

Step 4- After it is smooth enough, instantly brush it on the already polished nails. It will be flawless and smooth, but just have that frosted look, the MATTE look, as it dries!

Step 4

You are ready to flaunt your matte finish up-to-the-minute nails!

The hanging grandeur – Tassels

Tassels have their way back in history, from Mughals adorning an array of tassels supplemented with their jewellery and even home décor to the Maharashtrian Nomads using it to woo away the evil eye. Earlier, these were to assert supremacy and royalty, and distinguish individuals on the basis of wealth and power. Tassels or ‘latkan’ are no more a status symbol. Instead they have become a mainstream decorative accessory for various specifications like home décor, footwear, men and women clothing and so on. Of course the designs and the tackles used are substantially distinctive.


The way the tassel clings and prettifies an ensemble is what we are talking about exactly. So which are the ensembles that are adored with this amazing hanging grandeur? The four ends of the dupattas, the end of the back string of a blouse, a kameez/anarkali, or the two ends of a saree pallu. They are made of beads, sequins, and fringes. But with the innovation, ‘latkan’ or a tassle can be in any shape or size.

High Res Selected Final1

Traditsiya, too, has used this splendid piece of accessory in many of the anarkalis. The two layered anarkali adorned with heavy zardosi embroidery created with Italian net saw the tassels made out of beads covered with cloth of the same colour as the anarkali. Another shaded Italian net bedecked with very opulent diamond cut work, a new form of embroidery wherein the patches that are without embroidery are cut off from between the entire patch, is embellished with the tassels on the end of the dupatta. Crafted with gold beads coupled with bottle green beads to go with the entire attire.

High Res Selected Final2

High Res Selected Final3

 The new collection of Traditsiya will also see a lot of use of tassels/latkans used and fashioned in various forms. Stay glued to witness the entire collection very soon.